The Energy Appliance Your Home Needs This Fall

As a homeowner, it can be tricky keeping track of all the appliances you need to maintain from season to season, which to turn on in what weather, when to get in touch with your energy provider, and so on.

What if we told you there’s one system that can cool your home in summer, keep it comfortable in spring and fall, and even help lower fuel bills as a supplementary heat source in winter? Many ductless mini-splits can do it all.

Year-Round Comfort and Savings

You may know all about the benefits of ductless technology when it comes to its air conditioning function: high efficiency rating, easy operation, affordable product and installation, sleek design, and more. Models with electric heat pumps serve as a source for both heating and cooling, offer these same perks, and can be used throughout the seasons.

  • Perfect for mild spring and fall temps
  • The best way to keep cool in summer at a low cost
  • Warm and cozy winters with lower fuel bills

No Major Renovations Required

When planning to upgrade HVAC equipment, many homeowners factor in only the price of the product itself and the estimated labor cost for installing that product. But for those looking for a central heating and cooling solution without ductwork already in place, the project becomes much more involved—and much more expensive.

Ductless heating and cooling systems operate, of course, without any ductwork. This makes for a less invasive, less complicated, and less costly home improvement. Plus, since products from top-quality manufacturers like Mitsubishi have ENERGY STAR® ratings, you may even qualify for special rebates and incentives for installing high-efficiency equipment in your home.

What New England Customers Are Saying about Ductless Systems

“I am saving a full tank of heating oil every winter, as well as reducing my electric bill year round.”

See for yourself why more and more homeowners in the Northeast are going ductless. Request a free estimate today!