Choose Convenience This Winter with Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery

Cold weather is on its way. Is your home ready? Check one more thing off of your winter prep list by signing up for reliable bulk wood pellet delivery.Wood pellets are compatible with stoves and central heating systems, offering customers the option of room-to-room or complete home heating. New Englanders that stay warm with wood pellets enjoy the benefits of affordable fuel bills and efficient heating without the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels. If you aren’t already using wood pellets, now is the time to switch! Thanks to the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act, wood pellets are becoming even more accessible and affordable to consumers across the U.S.

Bulk Pellet Delivery for a Hassle-Free Heating Season

Now, customers across Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire can take advantage of even more benefits with bulk wood pellet delivery:

  • Dependable Delivery
    Here at Sandri, we are proud to have the industry’s largest bulk wood pellet delivery fleet. As the number of renewable energy customers grows in the Northeast, we are prepared to meet the demand without sacrificing prompt, professional service.
  • Cost-Efficient Rates
    Just like stocking up on basic household needs at your favorite wholesale store, bulk wood pellet delivery is the best way to make your budget go the distance. Instead of paying per 40lb or 20lb bag with delivery fees, your heating costs will be bundled into one fee.
  • Improved Efficiency
    Purchasing your wood pellets in bulk will lower the frequency of deliveries. You can rest easy knowing your fuel supply will last longer and worry less about placing more numerous orders.
  • Total Convenience
    Winters in New England are tough as it is. Signing up for bulk pellet delivery will save you extra effort when the snow starts to fall. You can trust Sandri’s fleet to arrive with your delivery safely and on schedule.

Going eco-friendly is easier than ever! Sign up for bulk wood pellet delivery now before temperatures start to drop. Contact the renewable energy experts at Sandri to schedule your delivery today.