Renewable Wood Heating Becomes More Accessible & Affordable

Renewable energy options are becoming more available to homeowners and business owners across New England. Swapping fossil fuels for environmentally friendly sources, like wood pellets, offers countless benefits. Thanks to current work in Washington, D.C., the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act (BTU Act) will continue the advancement of these benefits in the Northeast and across the country.

What Is the BTU Act?

The BTU Act will alter the existing Energy Policy Act to extend investment tax credits to include high-efficiency wood heating installations. This will make residential wood heating systems with a Higher Heating Value (HHV) of 75% or more eligible for valuable residential tax credits and also offer a two-tiered tax credit for commercial wood heating installations. What does all this mean? Environmentally friendly wood heating will become even more affordable for homeowners and business owners!

Reasons to Upgrade to Wood Pellet Heating

Heating your New England home or business with renewable wood pellets is a smart choice for cost savings, heat output, safety, and environmental benefits. Advancements in heating technology have made wood pellet systems just as effective and easy to fuel as traditional heating systems. When you make the switch to wood pellet heating you can take advantage of:

Reliable Delivery
Wood pellet delivery is available in residential and commercial bulk sizes. You can enjoy the same safe, reliable delivery options as propane and heating oil customers.

Heating System Options
Renewable energy doesn’t limit your home comfort choices! Wood pellet customers have their pick of several heating systems to suit their home’s unique requirements. Pellet furnaces and boilers offer complete central heating, and pellet stoves can serve as a cozy supplementary source.

The Right Price
Eco-friendly wood pellets are available for purchase by the ton or in bulk bags. High-efficiency equipment will use your fuel wisely, requiring less frequent deliveries. You can save even more by taking advantage of state-specific rebates.

Are you ready to make the switch to renewable wood pellets to protect our environment, save money, and keep your family warm? Contact your local renewable energy experts to learn more!