Propane Uses for Every Season

Summer is in full swing here in New England. Homeowners that choose propane are enjoying all the perks this outdoor living fuel has to offer, without worrying about wasting valuable energy. You can use this one versatile source to power all types of home appliances from season to season!

Whether it’s safety, convenience, leisure, or comfort you’re after, there’s likely a gas-fired appliance to meet your needs. Propane is a popular choice among homeowners across New England for indoor and outdoor comfort all year long.

Make the most of your energy supply throughout the seasons. Here are just a handful of gas-fired appliances that can easily be connected to your existing propane tank.


In the dead of winter, propane is an obvious choice to heat your home. As you enjoy cozy evenings tucked in against the snow you can also thank propane for powering other amenities like your clothes dryer, cooking appliances, water heater, and spa or hot tub!


When summer weather begins to fade you can count on propane to keep the first autumn chill at bay with these appliances: boiler or furnace, water heater, fireplace inserts, clothes dryer, and cooking appliances.


Spring in New England is a weather guessing game. With propane as your fuel source, you’ll always be comfortable with indoor and outdoor appliances: water heater, fireplace insert, home heating system, generator, clothes dryer, cooking appliances, and more.


Propane takes outdoor entertaining to the next level with the best backyard amenities like a BBQ gas grill, patio space heater, fire pit, pool and hot tub heater, and outdoor kitchen.  

Choosing one main fuel source to power the majority of your home energy systems can simplify your utility bills, give you peace of mind, and add convenience to everyday living. Contact your local energy experts to schedule your propane delivery or learn more about propane-fired appliances.