Name Your Fuel Price

Summer has finally reached us here in New England. With backyard barbecues, family outings, and beach vacations filling up your schedule, heating fuel is probably the last thing on your mind. But what if you knew that now is the best time to prepare your winter heating budget?

Pricing programs make it possible for New England homeowners to purchase fuel affordably. Whether you heat your home with propane or oil, pricing options offer countless benefits like spending flexibility, predictable energy bills, and protection against market volatility.

Which Pricing Option Is Right for You?

Pricing programs are all about customer convenience. This is why several options are available to offer the best possible fit for your family’s lifestyle and budget.

Budget Plan
Erase the guesswork of month-to-month fuel payments. Instead of nearly non-existent bills in the summer and sky-high bills in the winter, you can spread your annual fuel costs into equal installments. With this plan, a price per gallon will be determined based on current and projected fuel rates. The total cost for the year will be split into 12 equal payments. What if market prices climb? No sweat! We will set a “Cap” for your pricing for the year. If retail prices rise above this, you will always pay the “Cap” price.

Fixed Price Prepay
Don’t leave your heating costs to the mercy of the market. When you sign up for the fixed price prepay option, you truly get to name your price. Before the heating season begins you will choose how many gallons you’d like to purchase at the special prepay rate. No matter how market prices rise, those gallons will be locked in at the agreed-upon rate. With one upfront payment, you’ll never worry about surprise winter fuel bills.

Fixed Price Prepay with Downside Protection
Sometimes fuel rates can be just as unpredictable as New England winter weather! Downside protection guarantees that you are always paying the best possible price for your oil or propane. Should market prices drop below the special prepay price, you will receive a credit for the difference.

Pricing options from your local energy experts are now available. Sign up today to spend your summer truly stress-free. Contact us to learn more!