6 Simple Ways to Save Energy This Summer

After another New England winter, we’re all excited for warmer weather and all the fun it brings. Before mild spring temps turn into sticky summer heat, use these tips to stay cool and save money all season.

  1. Close Your Curtains

On bright, sunny days, it may be tempting to let the light in, but consider keeping your window treatments drawn. The sun’s hot rays streaming through your windows can skyrocket indoor temps, causing your cooling system to work harder and run longer.

  1. Prune Greenery Around Outdoor Units

Many homeowners use hedges or shrubbery to hide outdoor A/C units from view. Overgrown bushes can block important air flow and cause problems. Add regular trimming to your summer yard work to optimize your system’s efficiency.

  1. Clean and Change Air Filters

Easy, breezy! Checking and cleaning filters and ducts is a simple way to improve air quality, increase equipment performance, and avoid the need for emergency service on a blistering August day.

  1. Turn On Your Ceiling Fan

If your A/C is running, you may not think twice about your ceiling fan. But if you run both together, you can actually raise your thermostat four degrees without impacting comfort. Just make sure to turn off the fan when you leave the room to continue energy savings.

  1. Get Grilling

Summer is the barbecue season! Cooking in the oven releases quite a bit of heat, compelling your A/C to work overtime. Opt to prepare your family meal outside on a propane grill instead.

  1. Schedule a Tune-Up

Spring maintenance before peak season offers many benefits, such as extending equipment lifespan, improving performance, and minimizing the risk of breakdown. Importantly, an annual tune-up also saves you money.  A professionally maintained system runs more efficiently, which can lower your summer energy bills by 10%. Plus, if you have your system filters cleaned or replaced, you can reduce your energy consumption by another 5-10%!

Contact your local HVAC experts for more energy-saving tips and to schedule your A/C tune-up today!