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Wood pellets for heating in Greenfield, MA

With a burn rate of 90%+ efficiency with each bag, Warm Front premium wood pellets produce superior heat because our pellets contain of a custom blend of clean wood materials. By choosing these optimum ratios, we’ve created a premium burn with high BTUs, and that translates to more comfort and affordability for heating your home. Using wood pellets for heating come with many benefits including being better for the environment, low fire risk, controlled quality, and you are supporting local business owners. If you are interested in trying premium wood pellets, call Sandri Energy today! 

Wood Pellets are Better for the Environment

Wood pellets are one of the cleanest renewable energy sources. Heating your home with Warm Front premium wood pellets releases roughly the same amount of CO2 that wood releases during its natural decaying process. The low carbon emissions, combined with low ash output, result in a clean, environmentally friendly source of fuel.

Low Ash, Low Maintenance

Our pellets work hard, so you don’t have to. Warm Front premium wood pellets produce as little as three ounces of ash a day in typical household use! Now you can spend less time cleaning your stove and more time enjoying it.

Keeping it Local

When you buy Warm Front premium wood pellets, you’re supporting your local economy. Unlike many of the pellet brands on the market today, Warm Front is an authentic ‘local’ pellet manufacturer. All of our source materials are collected from local mills and manufactured right here at our facilities in the northeastern United States.

Pure Wood pellets for Pure Heat

Warm Front wood pellet fuel is a premium hardwood blend of all-natural, 100% wood. We use no glue or additives. What’s more, we make sure the wood biomass never comes in contact with the ground, ensuring a dirt-free source of materials.

Quality Assurance

Warm Front takes every step possible to ensure superior quality in our pellets. We maintain quality control laboratories in each of our facilities. We stand behind our products and we’re 100% confident you’ll love our pellets as much as we do!

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Commonly asked Wood Pellet Questions & Answers

Are your wood Pellets Hardwood, Softwood, or a Combination of Both?

Our wood pellets are made from a blend of 80-85% hardwood and 15-20% softwood.

What Types of Wood are in your Pellets?

We receive a combination of hardwoods such as oak, maple, beech, birch, cherry, and other species common to the northeast. The softwoods we typically receive are white pine, hemlock, and occasionally some spruce and fir.

Are Hardwood Pellets Better than Softwood Pellets?

Top quality pellets can be made from either hardwood or softwood. Hardwood logs are drier than softwood logs and the low moisture contents result in a cleaner, hotter burn. However, in the manufacturing process the moisture content for all types of wood is reduced to 3-4% leaving only cellulose (the wood fiber itself), lignin (a component of wood cell walls), and resins. Cellulose has the same heating value, whether originating in hardwood or softwood form. Resin has a higher heating value than cellulose and the resin content in softwood is higher than is found in hardwood. As a result, softwood pellets tend to burn hotter, and faster. The main factor that impacts the quality of a wood pellet is the ash content. Low ash is a result of using clean wood (no bark, dirt etc.) and a quality manufacturing process, not the type of wood used.

What Could Cause an Increased Ash Build-up in my Wood Pellet Stove?

Several factors may result in apparent or actual increased ash. It is important to note that ash content is measured as a percentage by weight. If your ash appears fluffy or larger in volume it may not actually be excessive as a percentage by weight. If it is colder outside from one day to the next you will burn more pellets resulting in more ash. If your stove is not burning efficiently it may lead to excessive ash build-up. The leading cause of an inefficient burn is a dirty stove. We recommend having your stove professionally cleaned at least once a year. If you still think the ash is excessive it can be tested for ash content in a lab to determine whether or not the fuel is the problem. If it is our product in question we will have it tested by an independent lab.

I have heard a lot about clinkers. What causes them?

Clinkers are heavy ash deposits formed from “trace minerals”. They are usually caused by insufficient airflow resulting in incomplete combustion. This can occur even in the highest quality pellet. Again, make sure your stove is cleaned regularly to allow for proper airflow.

If my Wood Pellets are Lighter in Color, does that mean that they are Lower in Quality?

The color may differ slightly among “batches” of wood pellets depending on the primary wood species used for that production run. The lighter color does not indicate a lower quality product.

What is the Shelf Life of Wood Pellets?

Pellets have an indefinite shelf life if stored properly. We recommend keeping them stored in a cool, dry place. If stored outside, the pellets should be covered with an additional tarp and on asphalt. Moisture is the culprit for damaged pellets, but if they are kept dry one should not have a problem storing them for an extended period of time. Our factory cover bags have 12 month ultra-violet light (UVI) protection before they will be damaged by the sun. The pellet bags themselves do not have UVI protection and therefore should not be stored in direct sunlight even if stored inside.

What is the Bulk Density of your Pellets?

The bulk density of our pellets is approximately 40lbs. per cubic foot or 50 cubic feet per ton.

Do you Sell Retail From your Manufacturing Plants?

We do not retail directly to the customer from any of our manufacturing facilities as doing so competes with our retail network. This has been our company’s policy since our founding in 1992.

Can I Burn your Wood Pellets in my Woodstove?

Wood pellets are most efficient when used in a pellet appliance. They are not intended to be burnt in a conventional woodstove.

Where can I Recycle my Pellet Bags?

While we do not accept the bags back at our manufacturing facilities there is an organization called Earth911 that has designed a website for consumers to find the nearest location where your bags can be returned. Our bags are made from #4 (LDPE) plastic which is the same plastic used for grocery bags. In addition to the Earth911 website you can also return your pellet bags to any grocery/retail store that has a bin for returning plastic grocery bags. Another solution to this dilemma would be to consider bulk delivery of loose pellets. This eliminates the use of bags altogether and may even be more cost-effective. We currently provide bulk delivery to residential customers. For more information, check out our Products & Services section on our website.

Call our main Greenfield office at (413) 315-5370 for more info on wood pellets today or to request a free estimate!

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